Editorial Reviews

Dissever (Unbinding Fate Book One)

"Best part of book: WOW! This is a much different story than others that I have read."
- Book Nerds Across America

"Great writing from a debut author."
- Library Cat

"The plot is rich with twists and new, very well-developed characters that make the novel well worth anyone's time."
- Luxury Reading

"I love the characters in this novel. Each is well developed and strong."
- Pure Jonel

"Layer upon layer of lies, scandals, and puzzling questions about what really happened creates an air of mystery that is sometimes infuriating because it is so well planned."
- Young Adult Book Madness

"The story was well rounded, fast paced and full of action. It had enough suspense to keep me on edge, enough mystery to keep me guessing and characters that seemed to come to life!"
- Gina Hurteau-Jackson "Readaholic"

"This modern day fast paced, adventure, Sci-fi, and/or fantasy is one wild ride of reading pleasure."
- Book Reviews and Such

"This book is an excellent mix of the real world and a fantasy world."
 - Books In Perfect Rows

"...the story is well-written, the dialog flows naturally, and the plot is fresh and easy to follow."
- I Read Too Much! Patricia Hamill Blogspot

"...if you enjoy fantasy and romance then this is your story."
-  The Book Feed

"I love the story it had a unique plot. I found it to be really creative."
- Olives Insights

"There are only a few authors who grab me that strongly- and she's now on my must read list."
- Sheryl Painter

Editorial Reviews

Sanctify (Unbinding Fate Book Two)

"The love triangle, sexual tension, make-out scenes, and expressions of love were raw, honest, and bittersweet at times."
- Young Adult Book Madness

"I absolutely loved this book. It was SOOOO good. I couldn't decide between Tanner and Gage. I fell in love with Jax and I finally like Juliette. Amazing."

 - There's Beauty in the Breakdown

"I am very anxious to read the next book in this series. I definitely recommend this book."
- Books In Perfect Rows

"This series was a true surprise. I was so engrossed in the characters that I didn't get anything done until I finished it."
- The Avid Reader

"Firman is a brilliant storyteller who weaves her words together to create a completely unique and utterly captivating world for her readers to wander through."
- Pure Jonel

"Author Colee Firman has supplied readers with a very compelling continuation to the Unbinding Fate Series."
- The Book Feed

"This book is so good. I am torn on to be Team Tanner or Team Gage...can't wait to read the next book!!"
- Stacey O "SL O"

"I'd recommend this to those who enjoy YA, romance, and stories that provide a convincing mix of contemporary life and magic, but definitely read Dissever, first!"
- I Read Too Much! Patricia Hamill Blogspot

Editorial Reviews

Chasing Darkness (Unbinding Fate Book Three)

"I laughed, I cried, I gasped, and I groaned. Most of all, I felt."
- Pure Jonel

"I devoured it and then wanted more! The author does an amazing job of weaving this story, providing so much background and intrigue. This story is so amazing."
- There's Beauty In The Breakdown

Official Dissever (Unbinding Fate #1)
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